Is Your Sunscreen Safe?

The chemical additive known as oxybenzone, used as a product stabilizer and UV protectant, may be gradually bleaching and killing the world’s coral reefs. Designed to block UV radiation, oxybenzone can help slow the effects of sun exposure, such as dark spot formation, and minimizes the risk of sunburn. For these benefits, oxybenzone is used in countless skin care and sunscreen products. As a result, the chemical has found its way into the earth’s oceans. Here, it is wreaking havoc on the undersea environment, contaminating and bleaching coral reefs, and disrupting the entire undersea ecosystem. As little as a teaspoon of oxybenzone-containing sunscreen can cause coral bleaching and widespread disruption on the ocean floor.
At Sunology, we’re committed to keeping the reefs as safe as we keep your skin. Mineral sunscreen like Sunology, with active ingredients titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are much more effective protectants as the safety of oxybenzone on human skin has also been called into question. Our unique formula comes highly recommended by the EWG. It’s infused with a concentrated blend of essential oils, and contains gentle ingredients that act as a physical broad-spectrum, SPF 50 sun barrier, reflecting the sun’s rays away from your the skin at the surface, and eliminating the need for UV-absorbing chemicals like oxybenzone. Help us start repairing the reefs. Choose Sunology.