The Most Thoughtful Holiday Gift Guide You’ll Read All Year

It’s gifting season! Holiday gift giving is the opportunity to spoil friends and family with simple, thoughtful gifts, infused with a touch of personality (i.e. a subtle way to share your enthusiasm for adventuring).

What To Get The Adventurer On Your List

We all know gift giving isn’t about what we want, it’s about what they want, so we’re helping you jump-start the brainstorming process with some fun gifts that mean a little something to everyone on your list.

Jewelry Inspired by the Outdoors

For stylish moms or trendy friends, try this mountain range ring.  It’s their connection to the mountains, and to you and your adventurous spirit, even if they aren’t the boots in the mud type.


Nourishing Sun Protection

For the needs-to-be-nourished friend on the list--or, that ski-enthusiast someone-- sunscreen infused with natural essential oils is a soothing, hydrating, says-I-care gift for cold, dry winters (and high altitude sunshine) - grab a few, everyone needs it!


The Pocket Lens

We all have the friend who sees the world through their smartphone camera. Well, maybe it’s time you help them see it a little clearer. Whether they’re snapping pics of gorgeous mountain views with you, or tamer, more homey scenes of the pup playing fetch, a smartphone camera lens will have you in the running for best gift award.


Merino Wool Socks

When it’s cold outside, great socks can be the best medicine (especially when they come in delightful snowflake patterns). Carefully selected materials like merino wool make for easy transitions from work boot, to snow boot, to hiking boot and beyond--truly the gift that keeps on giving!


Gourmet Munchies

There’s really no faster way to win over your gift list than with food! We all love receiving it, so why not put a personal twist on some delicious indoor/outdoor munchies and share some of your favorite (healthy, of course) snacks! Great for the desk, on the slopes, or zipped up in a daypack for snowshoeing, wilderness adventures.


Hot Cocoa Mug

The ultimate in comfort, for anyone from your gram to your bff, is a homemade hot cocoa mix in an adorable tin mug. And for added thoughtfulness points, personalize it! Suitable for campfires or hearth fires, it’ll please even the most adamant comfort-seeking homebody.


Whether comfort seekers or adventure seekers, these gifts are sure to please. They (your gift listers) receive a thoughtful reminder to tap into their adventurous side, you get to share your adventurous spirit via gifts they love...everybody wins!

Happy holidays!

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