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  • Sun Safe Through Any Activity: Sweating, Stinging, & the Solution

    | Caitlin Doermer

    As the mercury starts to rise, so does the anticipation of spending time outside in the sun. You may be making plans for a hiking trip, brushing up on your tennis game, or simply looking forward to walking to work each day. No matter your level of physical activity, spending time in the sun natur... View Post
  • 5 Reasons Why Sunscreen Is The Only Skincare You Need To Pack

    | Caitlin Doermer

    The end of the year is busy. With all the presents and plans, your holiday vacation probably seems a distant daydream. In actuality, it’s right around the corner. Whether you’re packing gear for a weeklong adventure or just flying home for a few days, it’s usually smart to condense. As you start... View Post
  • Why Sunscreen Lip Balm is Essential to Every Packing List

    | Caitlin Doermer

    You have your tickets purchased, your itinerary mapped out, your camera charged and ready--now it’s time to tackle the packing list. Does it include sunscreen? Sunscreen lip balm?...If you haven't considered sunscreen lip balm to be among your necessities, it's probably time to start. Vacations p... View Post


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