Get Geared Up and Ready to Go: 5 Fall Camping Necessities You’re Gonna’ be Glad you Packed

Just because the days are growing colder--and shorter--doesn’t mean your outdoor activities are over for the year. In fact, if short days are good for anything, it’s camping! With the sun setting early and the chill in the air, the conditions are ripe for creating some campfire fun.

Despite mostly ideal camping conditions, Fall may require some specific preparation--between the warm, daylight sunshine and damp, cool nights, you’ll want to be ready for just about anything. But that doesn’t mean stuffing the trunk with every piece of all-season gear you own, the trick is to make sure you have those easy-to-forget items that could make or break your out-of-doors, autumn adventures.

What to Bring for Fall or Winter Camping

Gather up this list of 5 Fall Camping Necessities to ensure you’re ready for whatever the weather may bring.

1. Camp Lantern

Shorter days mean earlier sunsets, so a camp lantern may come in handy. Whether you plan to have a roaring campfire or not, the camp lantern will be your saving grace if the sun sets before you’ve had as chance to start the kindling. It can also light the way through an after-hours game of cards in the tent!

2. Sunscreen

That big, beautiful, clear blue sky...golden, crisp leaves falling all around...that warm, perfect sunshine warming your face while you’re low key getting a sunburn….What? Make sure you pack the sunscreen. Despite lower temps, the sun can still cause damage to your delicate skin. Throw that sunscreen on the packing pile and stay protected.

3. Bulky, Loose Fitting Socks

Sounds specific, but you will not regret having these on hand. When temperatures drop in the wee hours of the night, your piggies will thank you. The “bulk” will keep you warm, while the “loose-fitting” will keep your blood circulating--hate to put those warm sock on only to wake up with no circulation in the feet. Added bonus, when your feet are warm the rest of you stays warmer!

4. Hot Cocoa

Lightweight, delicious, and a really easy campfire dessert option. You’ll thank us when that hot, sweet beverage slips through your lips and warms you from the inside out.

5. Rain Jacket

Cold can be handled--layer up, put a hat on, break out the gloves...It’s the cold and wet that will get ya. Even if there’s no rain in the forecast, you may want to bring a rain jacket along for damp, dewy nights. The drier you are, the warmer you’ll be.


You’re set with the essentials, so let the campsite selection begin! Get a group, grab the gear, and get out there.

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