Clean up Your Daily Routine with these Spring Cleaning Secrets – Bonus: DIY Natural All Purpose Cleaning Solution Recipe Included

Spring is like a second new year – a fresh start after the doldrums of winter. With longer, sunnier days and warmer temperatures comes an urge to cleanse. Yes, it’s time for Spring cleaning, but don’t start dreading it yet!

Cleansing comes in many forms, and a clean house is just one of them. Chances are your home, your body, and your pantry are equally in need of some cleaning. You could likely use a whole new, cleaner routine.
Do Spring cleaning right with our clean-routine todo list.


1. Eliminate harsh chemicals from your household cleaning stash


  • Much like your personal care closet, your cabinet full of cleaning supplies probably contains tons of sneaky toxins. And while you’re not applying these products directly to your body, your skin and lungs will inevitably come into contact with them. Not to mention, you’ll be washing them down the drain and out into the world where inevitably they will be impacting someone, or somethings! (think: the reefs and other water-dwelling creatures). But here’s the catch, cleaning supplies aren’t required to carry a full list of ingredients. Yup, so you’re left sifting through the marketing speak to understand which products might actually be safe for your family. Even still, there are some simple things you can do:


  1. Avoid synthetic fragrances - that’s right, no more pine scented floor cleaner
  2. Pay special attention to any warning labels, as some states have taken it upon themselves to require disclosure of harmful ingredients
  3. Purchase products marked biodegradable or those with ingredients that include things you might commonly find in the kitchen (DIY is always an option!)

Check out this recipe for a DIY Natural All Purpose Cleaning Solution


1 - 8 oz Glass Bottle with Spray Nozzle 

5 oz Purified or Filtered Water

2.5 oz White Vinegar

5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

2-4 drops any combination of essential oils like Lavender, Sweet Orange, Bergamot, or Cedar for added aromatherapy and scent

To Make:

Blend all ingredients in the glass bottle and shake to combine! This cleaning solution is great for kitchen messes, dusting surfaces, and disinfecting bathrooms. Plus you won't have to worry about harmful chemicals around the little ones or pets!


Mix a little of this solution with some baking soda in a bowl to make a paste and scrub sinks, tubs, and stoves with ease!  


2. Eliminate chemical products from your personal care collection

  • Take a look at the products you have stuffed in the cosmetic bag, laying around the bathroom, lining the edge of your bathtub. The FDA doesn’t place many restrictions on what ingredients can and can’t be included in your personal care items, but that doesn’t mean they’re all safe for daily use. Some are dangerous to the point that they are known carcinogens in high doses - eek!
  • So here’s a little cheat-sheet checklist for your springtime skin care audit:
  1. Perfumes
  2. Lead - yes, seriously, lead
  3. Oxybenzone
  4. Parabens (prefixes ethyl, methyl, butyl or propyl )
  5. Isobutene
  6. Dyes

  • Be diligent - go through each and every one of your products, including your sunscreen. You’ll be surprised where certain toxins hang out. Make sure you know what you’re getting into (or should we say, putting on)!


3. Diffuse Essential Oils

  • Get yourself a nice little diffuser and some pure essential oils, and start spreading the freshness. You’ll want to default to the oil manufacturers for best use, but many of these oils are said to aid in relaxation, immunity, and overall wellbeing when applied topically or diffused. 
  • The best part about diffusing essential oils? There are no known negative side effects!... Your house will be smelling oh so fresh.

4. Have a pantry-cleaning party

  • We always have trouble determining the best place to start when vowing to cleanse, but your diet should certainly be up there on the list. While you’re taking the time to shake the rugs and clear the cobwebs, assign an extra hour or so to purge any skeletons you may be hiding in the pantry. If you’re just beginning down the clean eating path, start by trashing anything that contains artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, or flavors. Get down to the bare bones ingredients - only eat what you can read! 
  • If you’re past that stage, try a 24 hour juice cleanse or experiment with a new superfood. Brace yourself for the burst of natural energy that is sure to follow!

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