Apple Picking & Sunshine? ...Yes Please!

How to Put Your Hand-Picked Apples to Good Use

In pretty much any region of the country this time of year, you can find a pick-your-own apple orchard within a Saturday’s-worth driving distance. And what better way to spend a fall day than picking perfectly ripened apples in the delightfully warm, Fall sun?

Not only are apples packed with nutritional niceties, they can also be the beginnings of countless culinary creations--assuming you know what to do with the various fruits of your orchard-day labor...

Orchards tend to showcase a number of apple tree options, so we’ve put together a guide of common apple types and their uses so you’re prepped and ready to go pickin’. (Speaking of prepped and ready, don’t forget the sunscreen!)

Favorite Fall Apples

Gala - Crisp in texture, these apples make for good baking, applesauce, salad topping, and snacking.

Fuji - Pack it in your lunch with some peanut butter!

Red Delicious - Chop these into a salad or drop it in your day bag for a snack on-the-go.

Honeycrisp - So juicy and oh so crisp! Honeycrisp apples are one of the most desireable eat-as-is apples out there, but also make for good baking and salad topping.

Golden Delicious - The Renaissance variety, Golden Delicious is good for baking, snacking, pie-stuffing, and salad topping. Get creative!

Braeburn - A little more tart, but just as versatile as the Golden Delicious. Braeburn satisfies most any apple need.

Crispin - This may be one to share as Crispins tend to be oversized, but tart and tasty. Use in any sauce, salad, pie, bread, get the idea.

Granny Smith - For those who love that mostly-sour-sweet flavor, the Granny Smith works across the board. Put it in a pie, bake it in a cake, or stuff it in your snack sack for a weekend hike.

These represent just a small sampling of the apple varieties available in the US and around the world, so don’t stop there. As you discover and experiment with new (or unmentioned) varieties, let us know! We’re always looking for fun ways to use our favorite fall crop.

Fall Sun Protection

As you probably know, apple season is right now, so get out there and pick those delicious little fruits we all love so much. And remember (shameless plug - because we care!) the sun is still shining, which means you’re still susceptible to sunburn and skin damage. Cover up those exposed spots with some mineral sunscreen.

Your skin-and the orchard ecosystem-will thank you :) 

Need Some Fall Apple Recipe Ideas?

We’re loving these from Prevention magazine. Enjoy! 

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