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  • | Caitlin Doermer

    Hawaiian Government Makes Progress Toward Oxybenzone-Free Oceans

    Hawaii’s thriving marine life is a source of education, travel, enjoyment, and income for many on the island and abroad. But for decades, a chemical compound found in most sunscreens has been taking a toll on the islands’ waters. In recent years, the term “bleaching” has become more common around... View Post
  • | Caitlin Doermer

    4 Easy Ways To Stay Active This Winter

    Winter weekends can be tricky for those who like to stay (at least somewhat) active. We always have high hopes of an outdoor adventure, but when it’s finally the weekend, the idea of sleeping late and taking it easy is especially enticing. After all, it’s rather cold, daylight is limited, and we’... View Post
  • | Caitlin Doermer

    5 Reasons Why Sunscreen Is The Only Skincare You Need To Pack

    The end of the year is busy. With all the presents and plans, your holiday vacation probably seems a distant daydream. In actuality, it’s right around the corner. Whether you’re packing gear for a weeklong adventure or just flying home for a few days, it’s usually smart to condense. As you start... View Post


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